Ideation Card Deck / Game Jame

Ludic Epistemology: Game Jam

They don’t call it Language ARTS for nothing.

Since the Romantic Era, art and aesthetic experience (including poetry, the modern novel, creative processes, writing etc) has been fundamentally related to serious ‘play’ and the productive ‘free play of the imagination’ (Kant).

Play is also (more recently) defined as moments of ‘flow’ where the act of thinking/making/creating (and learning) becomes intrinsically worthwhile and pleasurable to the thinker/poet/writer/maker (and learner).

In this coming week’s reading by Lotherington and Jenson, they explore ‘Ludic Approaches’ to learning – that idea that serious play and (deep) game-based learning can support deeper learning and creative/critical making.

Your job this week is to continue developing and refining your game. As you do so:

What & How do people learn through playing your game?
What will they make or do or design or create (in relation to the game or ideation deck)?

The “end game” is that our sharing of ideas will culminate in an online digital card deck / game system that I will have a developer create that you can use in your teaching practice (if you so desire).