Production 4

Production 4: Media Production (5%) due October 7

Getting Your Feet Wet in Video Production

This week we explored two key areas of new media literacies: Production Pedagogies and Participatory Culture. Keeping with the ideas of learning through making/creating products that have real-world applications/use value, this week’s production asks you to:

Plan and Create a 1-3 minute video [longer if you want] with ‘real-world’ applications (something you would actually want to share or use in some way, beyond just submitting it for this class).

Write a short paragraph to accompany your video, noting: The learning process you went through creating the video, what technicall/aesthetic features or techniques you used, and how you felt about the experience of making…

Your video can be ‘about anything’, and engage with any ‘genre’ of your choosing, although here are a few examples:  A personal digital story or visual essay using video, a short tutorial or ‘how to,’ a review (of a book, game, other media item), a brief commentary video on a contemporary issue (from or beyond class), a critical remix, an avant-garde experimental video work (video art), etc etc,etc.

However, you must engage some of the key affordances and features and techniques of the tool (e.g. editing, using footage, inserting images or personal photos, voice-over, music/sound, screen-capture). You don’t have to do ALL these things, just do what you can to create a cool viddie…

This is not exhaustive – you can also come up with your own approach to the production! And HAVE FUN. The video need not be a masterpiece, but an exploration of the tool that is PURPOSE-driven with value for YOU.

You are welcome to use any editing software you want. Some examples including:

iMovie or Windows Movie Maker (PC): Create video works, documentary films, visual essays, cinematic works (any genre), poetronica, experimental films.

For newer PCs/Windows, you can edit/creative video films using Microsoft Photo.

Shotcut: Free Cross Platform Video Editor

Video Screen Capture: Free Alternatives to Camtasia (screen capture, tutorial production, editing digital stories, etc).

There are many examples of free video editing software – but you might have to experiment with different programs to see what works for you. You can also incorporate voice-over into a video, using programs like Audacity or Garage Band.