Power Up: Website / Narrative Inquiry

  games7  Website Power-Up

Part A: Set-up your Website/Digital Portfolio: Set up website (using a free website-maker like WordPress, Wix, or Weebly). You will use this site as a course portfolio for creative work and reflection essays. You may also find a personal website useful for your future teaching practice.

If you have questions, seek out the plentiful online support resources and support communities (or email me)!

  • Carefully select design template to showcase work
  • Consider aesthetic and multimodal design elements (e.g., personalize with images, own design, etc.)
  • Set up a resource page to curate links, media tools, articles, resources.

Part B: Power-Up Story: Using Narrative Inquiry to Reflect on Learning

Using narrative inquiry (as method), explore the most significant learning ‘power-up’ in your history as a learner (and that does not necessarily mean ‘student’). By ‘power-up’, I mean a memorable, empowering experience where the ‘learning action’ led to a sense of self-efficacy, autonomy, pleasure, excitement and deeper engagement… as well as a desire to do, know, or create more…).

Your essay should explore at least a number of the following points (where applicable). Not a checklist! (just prompts to get you thinking about your own history as a learning – and why/how you were ‘engaged’ in own learning).

  • What and why did you create, learn, make or do? Where (social context: in or out of school settings?)
  • What tools, media or communication technologies used? (technology in the broadest sense of the word)… Were there others involved – in what roles?
  • What possible ‘lessons’ does your story signal about learning, making, doing, engagement? How and/or why was the learning event an energetic ‘power-up’ for you? Consider also if your power-up emerged as a response to a difficult situation or challenge (that is, an initial power-down [negative experience] that was transformed somehow into a *power-up?

Power-Up Narrative (400 Words Range) / Always write well.

2. Send Link: Once you have set up your site, send me an email – kthumlert@edu.yorku.ca – with a link to your website.

Due Date: By Start of Class 2