Production 2

Multiliteracies: Literacies – Critical Reflection / Analysis

Watch & Make Connections: Sociocultural Learning Theory: Multiliteracies and ‘New Literacies Studies’

Production 2: New Literacies Reflection (Critical Essay) – 500-800 words

Using the Brayboy and Maughan (2009) and Rowsell and Walsh (2011) texts, in addition to the interview with Henry Jenkins (2017) from class 1, write a critical essay/reflection that explores the following questions:

–    What can we learn from Indigenous ways of knowing as represented in Brayboy and Maughan’s text, particularly with regards to conceptualizing knowledge as a verb (something linked to contextualized action and doing) versus knowledge as a noun (propositional knowledge, static concepts, abstract ideas and ‘textbook’ facts)?

–   How does this connect to some of the themes and concepts offered by Roswell and Walsh, as well as Jenkins, opening up potential new ways of engaging in and thinking about literacy practices and deeper learning? Or the possibilities of digital storytelling and our use and experience of narrative?

–   Finally, what impact might your observations have on your teaching practice? What lessons can you learn from IK – and what might that look like for you?

Your response should draw directly from each text we have worked with thus far, including at least one quote (unpack the quotes in relation to your own arguments or viewpoints).

This essay is not meant to be a summary of each article, but rather a look at how each article compares with/interacts with one another and, finally, what implications this might have for your own teaching.

– 500-800 words (genre: formal critical essay – though may integrate images, graphics and pictures if useful to your arguments).