Production 5

Multiliteracies and Inquiry-Driven Learning (The Movie)

Option 1 Below are the questions that Dr. Keri Ewart left us to explore in groups at the end of yesterday’s discussion. As we did not have time to co-explore responses as a class, production five asks to you re/engage with her questions, and to address the ideas & practices from her “escape room” challenge and talk.

  1. How did your interaction with digital tools, multimodal forms, and multiliteracies (within the context of the escape rooms challenge) impact what and how you learned?
  2. How did the learning challenges create a “digital media ecology” whereby multimodal action and multiliteracies were enacted and in ways that facilitated risk-taking, inquiry (new questions and new avenues for exploration and making) and 21st century skills learning (literacy, multimodal, numeracy competences)?
  3. How might educators leverage and advance digital tools and inquiry-driven challenges to support multiliteracies learning, deeper engagement and knowledge-making.
  4. How do we create conditions and innovative environments that support “differentiated learning” and that address the needs/interests of each child within a whole class environment?

Your multiliteracies challenge for production five is to reflect on your experience, your group discussion at the end of the class, and to then create a short video (using your smartphone, iMovie, etc, and/or any other video app from Dr. Ewart’s talk, e.g., Flipgrid) that speaks to at least two of the questions above.

Bonus points if you can integrate any themes or concepts from the article on inquiry-driven learning – or how Dr. Ewart connects big ideas and social justice matters to her pedagogies?

NOTE: If you were not in class, then please rely on the readings to help out and perhaps focus on Q’s #3 and #4.

Note from Dr. Ewart (with links to her challenge)
Here is the link of the challenges I did in class and here is a link of a screencast showing how to take the Google Slide or Google Doc and turn it into a QR Code. Please excuse the long pause at the end as I had forgotten what screen I had my Screencastify operating from Also, I spoke to you about FlipGrid which is an incredible way to have your students respond to a critical question or provocation or reflect on a task from class

>>> Post to Youtube/Vimeo, set to unlisted [not private] or you can use one of the apps that Dr. Ewart talked about in class.

Due: (Three Weeks) Tuesday Feb 26th