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djimage3 Exploring the Opportunities of Wikis, IBL & Constructionism

Creating an Inquiry-Based Learning Model for Your Teachable
Based on this weeks readings, you will create a wiki entry that presents a model for inquiry-driven and constructionist leaning (using new inquiry-driven processes and new media tools).

Use our wikimedia to create a ‘sketch’ or model for inquiry-based learning  in your teachable – but consider all of the interdisciplinary opportunities and connections. Your inquiry-based learning sketch/model can be oriented around a significant theme or practice (in your teachable) that you would like your students to investigate or engage or, maybe better yet, it can be something in your discipline or field of interest that you yourself would engage as a model (e.g., think about how this might connect to, or help you brainstorm for, the Final Project).

Your wikimedia entry should include:

1) Introduction: Rationale for Inquiry (in relation to ‘big ideas’, issues, controversies, or ‘matters of concern’).

2) Dramatic Provocations: Igniting Curiosity and Inviting Student-Driven Engagement)? How to invite students into the process and support self-directed question-posing, inquiry and research? Media/tools/content/resources used?

3) Modes of Inquiry: Methods and sites for research, knowledge or data collection; and research tools (in the wild)? What might students do – and where? What authentic modes of inquiry (in the wild, on-the-ground) might students mobilize (along side more traditional methods? How might a Wikimedia tool – or other collaborative tools or new media – support the collaborative process of documentation and knowledge construction?

4) Assessment as/for Learning: How might students co-create expectations and success criteria (and learn through that process)? What models

5) Production Pedagogies:  What  will students make, build, create and design? What roles will they take and what situated practices will they engage? What (media) forms might the culminating project take? How might students present learning, art and knowledge – and to whom? How might the project connect to, or operate as, a mode of social action – and link to (possibly) DIY participatory cultures outside of school

6) Learning Through: Brief reflection on what (interdisciplinary) learning expectations might be enacted through the process of this inquiry-driven constructionist learning model? Concluding thoughts and critical reflections and/or links to course other themes/readings?

If you have a hard time envisioning this process for your students, just present sketch out this model for yourself, based on your own purpose-driven, self-directed interests and questions (in your teachable or related/interdisciplinary area)…imagine yourself as your students engaged in the process…  

Ensure that 1) adhere to the wikipedia style (writing genre) 2) you integrate (and cite) at least two research sources outside of wikipedia (research that deepens your understanding of the topic/idea you are exploring) 3) integrate at least one or two images, graphics, etc.

Each entry or project should be a model for others in our course (to learn from one another, across disciplines and teachables).

Part 2: Ensure you create a back-up page on your website and reproduce the wiki content there. Remember to sign your entry on the wiki using the signature tool.


Need Support? TUTORIAL > Here is a 3610 video Wikimedia tutorial (ignore any task-specific instructions for the other course)

Then: Create your own account using REAL NAME.  Please ensure you do not delete content of others.