Production 7

Production 7 TwineWorks

DIY Twine Making: Guide and Links to Tutorials and Supports.

For this FINAL production, create a Twine of your own design and genre. It can be an interactive mulitmodal adventure game, a simulation (from your teachable: e.g., social studies, history or science sim), an empathy game, art game, critical game, and so on.

Length: Your game should be long enough to “DO” something interesting: model an “idea” or “argument” (procedural games), develop some kind of empathy or critical game (putting the player in ‘someone else’s shoes’, as it were, through the game ‘situation’ and interactive choices) or provide an learning simulation (interactive simulation/narrative based on your teachable that puts the player in specific role in relation to teachable-based challenge). Have fun.

You can also apply Flanagan’s critical game design model – VAP (Values at Play) – to your Twine game/narrative or simulation (Bonus Points).

To refresh, I have included the SLIDE DECK offering definitions and models.

You may use any version of Twine that you wish, though I demoed this version in class: Twine. 1.4.2 for Windows and OS X is also available.

Twine 2.0 (web-based) is available on the Twine website. Twine 2.0 Tutorial/FAQ

With the support you have from the videos, please try to integrate as many Twine features as possible: CSS, audio, etc..

Everything you need to make the Twine, including free Twine hosting options, are available on my Twine page below:

 Twine Making: Guide and Links to Tutorials and Supports.