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Blending Learning Session 1: 

Blended Learning

Blended Learning WikiMedia Session

I would like to make a small change to the “blended learning 1” session to make it more pedagogically interesting, without adding more “work” to the load of this course.

Instead of writing a reflection on your website, we will transport this task to the wiki, focusing on this week’s readings (by Malloy, Fullan and Langworthy, Ministry of Ontario: Inquiry-Based Learning). Just put your reflection there instead of the site. That makes more pedagogical sense to me than just asking you to go on the wiki (as too early still for developing project/inquiry questions there).



The following video (not a tutorial) explores new learning ecologies using the lens of ‘read/write’ culture, or ‘remix’ culture, tracing these terms of engagement back to Ted Nelson and Tim Berners-Lee and the early politics of ‘Web 2.0’.

While we use the World Wide Web daily, today, it is important to remember that Berners-Lee’s ‘cornerstone’ for the Web was a software program called Enquire.

This video looks at how dramatically-transformed technological, social, and cultural landscapes provide opportunities for collaborative forms of ‘situated learning’ today, where learner agency and use-value are central to deep learning and cultural participation. Here, technocratic curricular forms from the era of broadcast media, which still largely dominate teaching and assessment practices today, are being challenged by new modes of engagement (and dynamic enquiry), new actor roles and orientations to dynamic media tools, and new forms of real-world production and sharing.