game proposal

Proposal Outline (short and to the point): This is NOT a design document, just a grounding proposal (that may change a lot through the design process itself).

For design (premise, goals, win condition, mechanics, narrative/simulation, etc.,) consult the hand-outs we have used in previous classes (e.g., the narrative and simulation document from class 6).

1) Doing Things: What do you want your game to do?

Briefly articulate the possible premise(s) and purposes of your game (what you want your game to “do” vis a vis Bogost and other readings). Try to come up with one or two core sentences or a design mantra describing the core message* of game play.

* From a play-centric design experience, what do you want your players to experience or feel and/or come to understand or consider through game play? This of course depends on your game goals and the genre (e.g. an emphasis on narrative and/or simulation, an empathy game, a critical game, a meta-game that reflects on the experience of game play, an interactive fiction/adventure, a role-playing game, an experimental art game, etc, etc. or some combination!).

2) What personal/social/creative goals are you “melding” or “marrying” to this game design/learning project (as Gee would say)? Just a brief rationale connecting to why the particular game you want to design matters to you, the maker). See ‘production pedagogy’.

3) What game software media will you will use to produce your project (what are you going to create? What media tools will you use or integrate, e.g., will your game have an introductory video? Or video cut-scenes? Or a transmedia experience?)

I will demo Twine next week (which can be used for a multiplicity of genres). Also, consider Ren Py (visual novel game) and, depending on your programming skills, RPG Boss, GameMaker Studio and even Unity can – and have been – used in past course).

4) Production Plan: Brief sketch or script indicating how you will get this project done (brief action-plan, next steps, individual contributions to the project if group work). You must document these contributions.