Power Up: Website


Production 1: Set-up your Website/Digital Portfolio

Set up your website (using a free website-maker like WordPress, Wix or Weebly). You will use this site as your course portfolio to host your critical reflections and/or creative artefacts (intellectual productions).

If you have questions, seek out the plentiful online support resources and support communities. Or contact your instructor!


  • Carefully select a design template to showcase your course work.
  • Consider aesthetic and multimodal design elements (personalize your site; remove extraneous ‘widgets’; clear out or replace stock ‘place-holder’ text and images).
  • Menu: Set up a page/post structure for your weekly intellectual productions.
  • Menus: Set up a resource page to curate links, media tools, articles, images, etc, you find interesting for future use.
  • Reflecting on process: Reflect (and document) HOW you learn as you create/build your site. How are you interacting with the tools and interfaces? How does the site provide ‘feedback’ and/or support learning and accomplishing goals? What local or online social & community resources are you consulting? Please document interactions and design decisions and ‘affect’ during the process and varying stages of making your site (e.g, frustration, (dis)interest, pleasure, curiosity, satisfaction, etc). Compare/Contrast: How was this learning experience different – or similar – from other ways you learn (in or outside of schools)?
  • Take at least one screen-shot image that documents your process and include as part of your analysis.
  • Publish your reflection on what and how you learned as your first (production 1) page or post.

2. Send Link: Once you have set up your site, send me an email – kthumlert@edu.yorku.ca – with a link to your website.

Privacy: If you elect to password protect your website, please remember to send me the password. You can also toggle a setting so Google or other search engines will not index your site.

Due Date: By Start of Class 2