Production 2


Make Connections: Sociocultural Learning Theory: Multiliteracies and ‘New Literacies Studies’

Production 2: New Literacies Reflection (Critical Essay) – 500-min words

Using the Brayboy and Maughan (2009)  please write a critical essay/reflection that explores any of the following questions with some depth.

–  How does IK serve as a critique of traditional Western schooling systems and Western ways of understanding both knowledge and learning? What are the features and qualities of Indigenous ways of knowing that might help us ‘redefine’ and transform education and learning in the 21st C?

–    What can we learn from Indigenous ways of knowing as represented in Brayboy and Maughan’s text, particularly with regards to (re)conceptualizing knowledge as a verb (something linked to contextualized action and doing) versus ‘Western’ knowledge as a noun (propositional knowledge, static concepts, abstract ideas and ‘textbook’ facts)?

–   Finally, what impact might your own observations have on your teaching practice? What lessons can you learn from IK – and what might that look like for you? Connections to your own experience? Other texts and videos in the course thus far? Other texts outside of the course (relational patterns)?

Your response should draw directly from the texts we have worked with thus far, including at least one or two key quotes (and unpack the quotes in relation to your own arguments or viewpoints).

– 500 words min (genre: formal critical essay – though may integrate images, graphics and pictures if useful to your arguments).