Production 6

Video Making: From ‘Cellphilms’ to Embodied Inquiry and Beyond

This production extends your work with making ideation decks to using those decks to support you in the process of making a video work. Your job is to utilize your own ideation decks (created in class) and/or utilize attached cards decks (see below) to generate your own “prompt” or point of departure for making. Then make. The video can be short 1-2 minutes (or longer, if you wish, depending on genre or if you are having fun). But the video work must be based on the deck you create for yourself and the video should demonstrate the genre, artistic, or technical challenges you presented to yourself.

Note:┬áthe messy creative process of making may modify your original intention and/or take you in different directions – and that is okay (see Doerr-Stevens).

Feel free to use your own cards only. If you wish to take a look at a couple of decks I created earlier this year, you can click on the pdf links below.

Suggestion: If you select a genre (e.g., documentary, etc) see if you can find the time (if possible) to actively watch/analyze a ‘good model’ and break down what the film-makers are doing (and add elements to your deck).

ideation deck genre / themes & oblique prompts

ideation deck video technique cards

Example deck from a previous student project: He had more cards than I would have used, so this is just ONE model, not a template.

Write a very short meta-reflection (200 words; can be bullet point statements; informal) that just reflects on what/how you learned through process – plus – any final take away points for you on any aspect of the decks and making process.

Please post your video on youtube or vimeo (note there is a ‘link-only’ privacy option, if you do not want to make your video fully public).

Due by Week 9 (if you need more time, just let me know)