Multimedia Documentary Project

Multimedia Documentary Project
Enacting ISTE standards for Teaching/Learning, your group will become collective experts on a course-related ‘inquiry question’ – or you will create/design and document a course of learning – a creative production adventure – for yourself. Your group will create a multimedia document (integrating digital tools) based on a topic/challenge or creational aim of your choice.

This is an open-ended inquiry-based multimedia adventure that requires you to design and enact your own course of learning/doing/making.

The work should clearly engage with and ideally extend theoretical and pedagogical understanding of what it might mean to best make use of technology for educational purposes and ends.

For example, consider the following topics as point of departure – or consider remixing ideas to invent your own topic or course of adventure. Though our 2019 course theme is digital video making across disciplines – for multiple uses and purposes, you can also select other themes and tools for creating your project.

Learning to Code (research coding initiatives/resources, learn to code, and document the process)
DIY Maker and Participatory Culture & Learning
(make something! – and document the process of learning-through-making)
Create a Documentary Video (other mixed genre; or meta-video about using video in education, etc)
Create a ‘Simulation’ (using Twine or other tools).
Create a Multimedia iBook (ibook author)

Make a Video Game (using Twine, Gamemaker, RPG Maker, etc) ) For those interested in designing a digital game, I am not looking for a complete/finished digital game. I am asking for you to design a mock-up (prototype) of a digital game with one working ‘part’ or ‘level’ using RPG maker, Gamemaker Studio, Flash, etc. See end of resource page for links

  • Your group will integrate (at least) 3 technology tools in your documentary presentation (e.g., iMovie, Music-Making Software, Animation Media, Comiclife, Remix Tools, Visualization Media and Infographics, Screen-Capture media, iBook Author, and so forth…).
    For example: you might create an iBook or iMovie or a Website – combining inquiry, your own video footage and integrating video, audio, animations or infographics, screen capture footage, remixes, multimodal timeliness – and so on. Please visit the resources page as point of departure.
  • Fear Not: There will be plenty of in-class time for group research, work & technical support!
  • Credits: Because this will be a group project, you will be asked to keep a log of your working hours on the project. You will also create a ‘credits’ document, which explains the various roles that people in your group had, which the whole group will approve.

3. Presentation of Multimedia Documentary Project
You will critically select a presentation tool to present snapshots of your Multimedia Documentary Project to show your peers what question/inquiry you addressed, what you learned, what digital media you mobilized, and what you designed/made. You will briefly reflect upon which ISTE standards your project enacted (through the process of research, development, and production). The purpose of this presentation is to share your research and get feedback from peers to improve/modify the project.

Groups: Multimedia Documentary Proposal (see due date on expectations page)

Proposals Should Include:

1) Your Topic – Specific Issues, Themes, or Questions You will Address
2) A Rough Script: i.e., a provisional Mindmap / Sketch of Project (what creative challenges you will engage and enact)
3) What Media will You will Use to Assemble, Enact & Present Your Documentary Project

Standard IV:  Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, & Decision making “Students use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems, and make informed decisions using appropriate digital tools and resources.