Website Power Up


Website Power-Up

Part A: Set-up your Website/Digital Portfolio: Set up website (using a free website-maker like WordPress or Weebly). You will use this site as a course portfolio for critical reflections and creative arfefacts.

If you have questions, seek out the plentiful online support resources and support communities.

  • Carefully select design template to showcase work
  • Consider aesthetic and multimodal design elements (remove extraneous widgets).
  • Set up a resource page to curate links, media tools, articles, images, etc, you find interesting for future use.
  • Create a (or use an existing) twitter account and put a twitter feed on your website (not as hard as it sounds – plus you can engage the first rule of new media learning: there are endless how-to resources and generous sites where people model and support)…

2. Send Link: Once you have set up your site, send me an email – – with a link to your website.

Due Date: Website Due by Start of Class 2 (along with first reflection)
Twitter Account Due by Class 3