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New London Group (1996). A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies: New London Group. Harvard Educational Review

Keywords: Multimodal Media Glossary (Terms for Multimodal Literacies)

Digital Culture and Education /    First Monday /    CTheory  / Game Studies  /     /    

Remix Culture / Legal Resources

Creative Commons  /Search Creative Commons


Videvo: Free Stock Footage  /   /  Archive.Org (old education clips for creative/critical remix)

e-Learning (HTML 5) Common Authoring Tools for eLearning Design

Abobe Captivate


Techsmith (Camtasia, etc)

iBook Author

Klynt (HTML 5)

For more, click here: Or do a search for elearning authoring tools

New Media Production Tools


NFB-Stop Motion App / NFB Education Site: See also Stopmotion Magazine / Bruce Bickford

Windows Movie Maker (PC) Free w/ Windows (Movie, Slide/Image Import, Themes, Voice-over, Audio/Soundtrack, etc)

Twine is an easy-to-use browser-based tool for creative interactive, non-linear narratives (multimodal stories, poetry, essays, or really any genre) and interactive narratives games.

Ren Py Visual Novel and Game Creator Compose video/soundworks by recording, sampling & remixing. Not just for VJs –  limitless possibilities for multiple genres –  buggy in record mode. Does not enable image files to be imported, but you can save images as movies (in iMovie, etc) and then import image in video format (image + time). VidiBox tutorials.

iBook Author is a free tool enabling users to write their own multimodal poetry, stories/books and curriculum materials, etc. Can be saved and distributed outside of iTunes U, but requires a Mac/iPad for reader download. It CAN be saved as PDF for Windows/PCs, but much interactivity is lost and format is distorted (as a PDF). Enables video-embedding, image-editing, lots of ‘widgets’, 3-D modelling display, and plenty of serious design features for maximizing multimodal aesthetics.

Scalar: Free/Open-Source Web-Based Multimodal Publications Media  Scalar Showcase/Models

Super-8 (App) supports retro film aesthetic (e.g, in the tradition of older documentary films, family movies, including frame stutter and light-leak distortions).

Action Movie Effects (same maker as Super-8) is a silly, incorrect app that allows you to add spider attacks, avalanches and meteor strikes (and so on) to your narrative.

Glossary of Technical & Aesthetic Film Terms:

Screencapture Video:  Jing (free) or  Camtasia (free trial only) ; Apowersoft (free) or Screencast-O-Matic (Free).

Open-Broadcast Software (Screencapture / Streaming – Free)

Audacity (Free) Edit, hack &  tinker with your Audio-files (Remix/Mashup, Glitch-ify, Tempo Edit, Distort and Elongate, ect)…or use Audicity for Databending > see also:  Circuit bendingDatamoshing Glitch Art


Gimp (Free, Powerful)

PhotoShop Mix & Gimp (Free) Paper and scissors still work very well, with a digital picture chaser, as does Photoshop Touch. Check out PhotoBlend (Double-Exposure), Typography Editors (Create Posters, Add Text to Your Images, and Create Faux-Magazine Covers, Image/Text, etc).

Digital Storytelling

iPad Comic Makers: Apps I have used for Visual Essays, ‘Serious Comics’ and Zines include Halftone 2 and ComicBook! … Both enable you to import your pictures and posterize your images.

Comiclife is a great platform for serious comics/graphic texts. Powerful and Free.

Krita – Free Art/Multimodal Text Maker.

Klynt: HTML 5 Digital Storytelling (Free Trial)

Splice (Mobile Video Editor)

Screencapture: Open Broadcaster. Open Broadcaster Software is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming, including desktop capture and machinima.

Before LOMO-Imitating digital Apps & Retro-Filters, there was actually a Soviet-made 35mm film camera, the LOMO – ‘the original camera app’. Remarkable night and low-light shots, surreal colour saturation, and real organic vignetting. Gestural fun, invites experimental attitude, and (not infrequently) great results: the original improvisational, DIY/chance-operations action-camera aesthetic for anyone.

Camera+ Image Editing with Filters (including Lomo). Also good for preparing images for iMovie or cartoon-makers, etc… Introduces camera users to darkroom terminology, image-editing terms, photography aesthetics, and classic camera models.

Hipstamatic (Lomo/Holga-style with light-leak effects) & LO-Mob (Retro-Filters)… on and on…

Scratch by MIT Media Lab
From what we can gather from their website, Scratch is a creative tool that helps users create content that is beyond the barriers of traditional page-turners. Scratch users can create interactive stories, animation, music, and art, then share their creations on the web.

Scribjab ScribJab is a multilingual tool to create and share digital stories in 2 different languages.

Audio Tools (Soundworks Composition, Editing, Remixing, Publication, etc)

Propellerhead (Suite of Desktop and Mobile Music-Making and Remix Apps) Cloud-Based Composing/Mixing & Sharing (with server-side software). Free

Soundcloud and MixCloud (Free Publication/Sharing and Social Media Sites). Synthtopia Site for new digital tools, app reviews, models, technique-sharing. CCmixter Resource site for ‘remix culture’. Looping Tools (Resources for Digital and Analog Looping Tools & Techniques)…

Loop with Loopy (Music, Sound, Voice, etc, Looping Gizmo).

Compose digital music and sound loops with a Kaossilator (or its newer app version, iKaossilator – easy to use, but a bit expensive, however, for what it offers).

Compose music through a digital art-game: Elecktroplankton (Requires secondary recording tool or audio-bus since there is no internal recording tool or ‘save song’ function). See Tenori-on (below) for more powerful production app that supports recording and saving of song files + community-based real-time play.

MPC Sampling/Composing with Tablet App Version iMPC (iTunes)

Tenori-On / Tenori-On for iPad (Soundworks Composition based on innovative Tenori music hardware). Super.

Caustic for Android and for Ipad  (Inter-expressive Keyboard, Beat, Editing Grid, MPC interfaces, Synth-based sound modifications, etc). Caustic is super.

Audiobus ‘Meta-App’ for app-to-app connection (bussing) or using external microphone, voice, instruments in app-to-app configuration (e.g., Garageband, Loopy, etc).

Game Design / Makers / Tools

USC Game Innovation Lab



Twine / Twine on Gamasutra (Open Source Tool for Developing Non/Linear Narratives/Games)

Codea: iPad game maker / code-learning



Scratch  (MIT Site – Coding)

Learn to Code

Lightbox (learn to code)

Hour of Code (learn to code and create multimodal documents through free open-source  software sketchbook – a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual/multimodal documents and artworks.

MIT App Inventor Start making apps today.

Makey-MakeyArduino /  maker kits

Codea: iPad game maker / code-learning

Tynker (learn coding)

General Media / Multiple Uses

ScreenCapture: Camtasia (free trial) Apowersoft (free) or Screencast-O-Matic (Free). ScreenCapture

ArtRage & Digital Tablet

Articulate Storyline – Multimodal Presentation Tool

Apowersoft (Screen Recording)

Camtasia (Screen Recording)

Screen Capture Tools (Webpage with Links)

REMIX Culture

“Everything is a sample, everything is waiting to be sampled; and everything is renewed when it is sampled, broken down, reconstructed and recontextualized. If architecture is, as they say, frozen music, then music is liquid architecture. Music fills and reconfigures space, puts it into motion. All that is solid melts into software — actually, into free software or shareware…Paul Miller’s lecture envisioned — but also pragmatically demonstrated, in brief — the utopian potentialities of postmodern culture. Remix/Remodel. Deform in order to Transform.”
Steven Sharivo on DJ Spooky (Paul Miller)

Winner, L. (1980). Do Artifacts Have Politics.

Bijker, W. (2010). How is Technology Made? That is the Question Cambridge Journal of Economics 2010.