Application 2

Sociotechnical Transformations: 21st Century Learning in Web 2.0 Ecologies / Communities
(Two Parts)

Part 1 Tweet a Work of Art / Instructions:

Take ‘3 seconds’ to put a twitter feed on your site! Set up a twitter account and then Google search  ‘how-to add twitter feed to WordPress, Weebly, etc’… You will find generous how-to support on the web. Next, select from the following options: Produce a Soundwork or Art Image/Photographic Work (and tweet it  to course hashtag #3770media)… Or do both if you want to.

Soundwork: This is easier – and more fun – than you might imagine. Don’t worry about making a masterpiece!

Soundwork: Go to Propellerhead and download Figure (Free) for iPhone/Smartphones, iPads/Tablets… Let the app ‘show’ you how to create a short soundwork in any genre (ambient, minimalist, experimental, lo-fi, EDM/IDM, sludgecore, whatever!). Post your soundwork to the Propellerhead sound-community (in-app) and then Tweet your work to the class using the course hashtag:  #3770mediaThe app will interactively guide you through the process..

Feel free to seek out (google) other apps if you are using Android, etc… Looper is one I have used, and Caustic (steeper learning curve). Click here for Android.

Image result for propellerhead take logo BONUS PLAY: If you want to add vocal tracks, foley effects, voice-overs, you can simply download Propellerhead Take (free). Take enables you to take your Figure soundwork (through the community Build on This utility) and add vocals or other sounds via your iPad or iPhone microphone …Great on-board audio effects to refine or glitch up your voice/vocals…

Tweet your work to the class using the course hashtag:  #3770media ..


Create an Art Image/Photograph (or Series)
Use your smartphone (etc) to create an aesthetic image (a work of art!). Need some inspiration, models? Please visit Lens Culture and explore genres: Visual Stories, Black/White, Documentary, Conceptual, Urban & Street Aesthetics, etc. Or check out The Moma, The Guggenheim, The AGO (drop by in person), Lomography, or the Art Project (Virtual Museum / Interactive Gallery),

Based on the models (seek) from Lens Culture, create your own work – and then use a smartphone app to aestheticize or transform or ‘remix’ (i.e., collage, multimodalize) the work/s. Be creative; be a photographer. Free/Cheap  powerful apps include: PhotoShop Mix (Free)  Camera+ (Cheap)… Or search out your own: Google: best free iphone (or android) photography apps.

For Computers: Editors: Gimp (Free, steeper learning curve) / Browser-Based Image Editor: Pixlr (Free, easier)

Once you have polished your work, tweet your artwork (or series) to the course hashtag: #3770media

Part 2 Critical Reflection
(do part one first, please)

Drawing upon the readings (read/write web, new literacy studies, twitteracy/new literacies, etc), imagine and articulate (i.e., briefly sketch) an innovative way you might mobilize websites, microblogs, and/or social media tools/sites for educationally-significant teaching and learning in your content area or teachable (or across disciplines and contexts). So, asking for a bit more depth, texture (than in first application).

As you sketch out this  21st Century pedagogy idea, keep in mind (and perhaps cite):

  • The New Literacy Studies’ framework: How would you/your students use the tools to support authentic, meaningful, socially-situated learning?
  • What would you/they make or do or perform? What roles might students take? What expectations might they enact?
  • How might your sketch/idea connect in the world(s) and practices and sites outside of schools?

300 Words / Get straight to the Point. No ‘Filler’. Write Well.. Be creative & critical.