Application 1

Website “Power-Up”                   

Due-Date / By Start of Class 2

Part 1 / Set-up your Website/Digital Portfolio: Set up website (using a free website-maker like WordPress, Weebly etc, but be careful of Wix – it seems to be a bit buggy with text/images).

As this site/portfolio will be used to document and share your work in this course please consider the PROFESSIONAL design/aesthetics and usability features of your website, and take some care in selecting your template etc.

  • Note: Please Create a “Resources Page” for curating and collected resources like new applications, useful educational or technology websites, curriculum websites, creative tools/media, images and info-graphics you find helpful: Things of interest to you personally and professionally…. and so on, etc.

As you explore your site, please consider what ISTE Standards you are enacting. Please document design Affordances and Constraints. Explore the site for usability features, templates, design options/design features, widgets, aesthetics/artistic options, how the site supports navigation, ease-of-use, or plug-in or ‘widgets’ you may need in the future (message boards, galleries, etc).

Part 2 / Write a short reflective analysis (ISTE Self-Assessment)

1) Briefly discuss what ideas/concepts and ISTE Standards (for Students) were enacted as you constructed your website. Cross-check your work/action with the ISTE Standards to assess what you did/made.

2) Imagine some creative/innovative ways you might use a website/blogging and social media tools for educationally-significant/valuable teaching and learning in your content area or across disciplines.

Part 2 will be the first content you post on your website. 300-Words (Max)

Part 3 /  Send Link: Once you have set up your site, send me an email – – with a link to your website.

For all assignments please ALERT ME (via email) when you have posted completed work. I can then provide feedback.

Rationale: Creating a Scalable Professional Multimodal ePortfolio for Professional Development (and for developing mastery of a media tool you may ask your students to use to create and present knowledge/learning). NOTE! Consider using this Website for Future Professional Purposes (Portfolio, Job Applications, Demo-ing Fluency with Technology Tools/Education & Learning).