Production 3

Based on this week’s readings and our class discussion questions, production 3 asks you to explore and extend key themes, concepts and practical models from our articles.

Expectations include 1) engaging with the theories, pedagogical models and/or examples in the articles and integrating/unpacking at least two central quotes or passages to support your own arguments or critiques 2) adopting a formal style – write well (essay genre) 3) minimum 600 words (excluding quotes/passages). I don’t count words – just make sure arguments are developed and supported.

Part 1: What are some of the key problems, challenges and stakes confronting mainstream educational spaces and institutions today (as identified in one or both of the articles)? Please see if you can find a key quote that resonates with you, or you find worth unpacking, extending and/or critiquing. Develop, extend or critique the author(s) views, making connections, when possible, to your own contexts or experiences, previous course readings, or texts from beyond this course.

Part 2: Take up two (or more) of the (interconnected) themes below on how the authors address or provide theoretical/practical models for system change or transformation to address the problems they identify: For example:

How do the authors characterize ‘deep/er learning’ in the reading(s)? How is technology (use) theorized in relation to ‘new pedagogies’, deep learning, & new learning partnerships, etc?

How are actor roles (re)understood in relation to learning, knowledge making, professional learning and so on?

What is the relationship between deep learning and inquiry-driven learning in the articles? What are the possible relations between inquiry, learning partnerships and system change?

Also consider (if you wish): Are these definitions and models of ‘deep learning’ deep enough? Is there anything you might ‘mod‘ or ‘hack‘ or account for or imagine further (that the authors are missing) in their discussions.

Or, if you wish narrow the scope, you can pick other interesting themes or questions to explore from the slide deck (on pedagogy/technology and/or system change).