Production 1

TripleMushroomsMKCPowering Up our Wiki

For our first production, I will be giving a tour of our wikimedia system. Your first production will be posted there. 

Building on our meeting discussion, and using the Brayboy & Maughan (2009) and  Mitchell, et al (2016) texts, write a short critical essay/reflection that addresses (and/or extends)  ideas in the readings one of the following questions (or your own connections and interpretations, if you wish):

–    What can we learn from Indigenous ways of knowing as represented in Brayboy and Maughan’s story, particularly with regard to conceptualizing knowledge as a ‘verb’ (action, doing, in context) versus knowledge as a ‘noun’ (i.e., static concepts, abstract ideas and ‘textbook’ facts)?

–   How do the articles critique traditional Western (colonial) education – and what ‘new’ useful ideas, learning practices and educational opportunities do you see as useful to your practice, in your own context?

–   Themes and concepts offered by Mitchell (DAAGU reading), opening up new ways of engaging and thinking about technology, literacy practices and deeper learning?

Your response should draw directly from each reading (as well as your own personal connections/texts), including at least one quotes (unpack the quote/s in relation to your own critiques or viewpoints).

Due by start of class, January 21 [Toronto Due Date]

– 500 words (i don’t count words, and if you go over, i don’t care). write well (formal style).