Production 1

TripleMushroomsMKC Assignment #1 / Power-Up                   

Due-Date Start of Next Class

  1. Set-up your Website/Blog: Set up website (using a free website maker like WordPress, Weebly, Wix, etc).
  1. For your first post (Assignment #1), introduce yourself through a short ‘auto-ethnographic’ narrative exploring a significant event (a ‘power-up’ or ‘relay point’) in your experience/history as a student or learner. Details below. Post to your Website/Blog (as Production 1: Power-Up).

Power-Up Narrative (400 Words Range)

What was a/the most significant educational/learning ‘power-up’ in your long history as a ‘learner’ (does not necessarily mean student)…By power-up, I mean a significant learning experience where you became invested in the course of your own learning, and the learning itself lead to deeper engagement and self-determined learning/creating.

What did you learn, make or do? How (or where) did you learn it (in or outside of school)? Consider: What tools or media or available models used? Were there others involved – in what roles? What possible ‘lessons’ about technology and culture, learning and self-efficacy (agency), might your story signal? How was the learning event a ‘relay’ or ‘power-up’ for you leading you to wanting to do more, learn more, create more? Any connections to ‘terms’ or theories in the DAAGU article?

Research Genre: Auto(Ethnography) – Write Well

  1. Send Link: Once you have set up your site and completed/posted your literacy-narrative, send me an email – – with a link to your website. For all assignments please ALERT ME (via email) when you have posted completed work. I can then provide feedback.
  1. Create Login/Password for Course Website:
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