Production 1

TripleMushroomsMKCPowering Up our Wiki

For our first production, I will be giving a tour of our wikimedia system. Your first production will be posted there. 

On our calendar page, I provided some reading questions. Building on those, and using the Brayboy & Maughan (2009) and  Mitchell, et al (2016) texts, write a critical essay/reflection that addresses (and/or extends) key ideas in the readings and/or some of the following questions:

–    What can we learn from Indigenous ways of knowing as represented in Brayboy and Maughan’s story, particularly with regard to conceptualizing knowledge as a ‘verb’ (action, doing, in context) versus knowledge as a ‘noun’ (i.e., propositional knowledge, static concepts, abstract ideas and ‘textbook’ facts)?

–   How does this connect to some of the themes and concepts offered by Mitchell, opening up potential new ways of engaging and thinking about technology, literacy practices and deeper learning?

– And how can IK help us think (and do) differently vis a vis technology tools in learning and cultural contexts (in and outside of formal schooling systems)?

Your response should draw directly from each reading (as well as your own personal connections/texts), including at least two quotes (unpack the quotes in relation to your own arguments, critiques or viewpoints).

This essay is not meant to be a summary of each article, but rather a look at how each article compares with/interacts with one another and, finally, what implications this might have for you.

Due by start of class, January 21

– 600-800 words (i don’t count words, and if you go over, i don’t care). write well (formal style).