Technology Tools & New Media

A far-from-comprehensive list of technology tools (for final adventure project work) and in-class student tech demos. 

Movie Making: Visual Essays, Documentary Films, Interactive Documentary Films, Cellfilms, Genre Cinema, Experimental Film Art

iMovie (available on class iPads)

Windows Movie Maker (PC) Free w/ Windows

NFB-Stop Motion App / NFB Education Site: See also Stopmotion Magazine / Bruce Bickford

Multimodal Text Production

iBook Author is a free tool enabling users to write their own multimodal texts (integrating audio and video files, multimodal graphic texts)

iPad Comic Makers: Apps I have used for Visual Essays, ‘Serious Comics’ and Zines include Halftone 2 and ComicBook! … Both enable you to import your pictures and posterize your images.

Comiclife is a great platform for serious comics/graphic texts. Powerful and Free (plus I have some licenses upon request).

Klynt (HTML 5) Have one key for temporary sharing. Advanced but powerful.

Twine is an easy-to-use browser-based tool for creative interactive, non-linear narratives (multimodal stories, poetry, essays, or really any genre) and interactive narratives games.

Ren Py Visual Novel and Game Creator Compose video/soundworks by recording, sampling & remixing. Not just for VJs –  limitless possibilities for multiple genres –  buggy in record mode. Does not enable image files to be imported, but you can save images as movies (in iMovie, etc) and then import image in video format (image + time). VidiBox tutorials.



Scribjab ScribJab is a multilingual tool to create and share digital stories in 2 different languages.

MIT App Inventor Start making apps today.

Makey-MakeyArduino /  DIY maker space kits

Wikimedia (or Wiki-Making Platforms)

Other Thematic Options (Searchable)

Virtual Worlds (Multi-User Virtual Environments) and MMOs

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Tools

Machinima Tools (Video Game Screen-Capture / Editing Tools)

Critical Remix Tools / Media (could be anything)

Outside the Box use of Websites (Zines/e-Zine Making; Knowledge Mobilization; Creative Community Building; Multimedia Arts, Research and/or Literary Journals)

Maker Spaces / Critical Making / DIY Production Communities

Music-production software/apps can be explored if they are not the simple ones.

eLearning Tools and Social Media (must be critical/innovative approach to these)