Production 2

In ‘Digital Ethics Now’, Allan Luke (2018) proposes that ‘the educational challenge raised by digital culture is not one of skill or technological competence, but one of participation and ethics’ (p. 185) – and this statement is clarified by a specific and nuanced understanding of communicative ethics in rapidly changing sociotechnical and epistemological contexts. Further in the article, he suggests: ‘simply put, the great unresolved issues of our time should be at the heart of an engaged and relevant curriculum’ (p. 195).

While ‘simply put’, Luke’s essay is very abstract and theoretical – and this critical essay asks you to evaluate Luke’s account of our situation today, to extend (or critique) his claims and models, and to concretely ‘ground’ what this ‘reconstructive project’ and/or ‘rich tasks’ (p.194-196 ) might ‘look like’ in action or situated practice. What do you make of his model/rationale for critically engaging digital culture today, and how might the ideas (or your take on them) be enacted practically (e.g., pedagogically) based on your own concerns, interests, or ‘location’?

Essay should engage the text(s) from this week (use a key quote or two), extend ideas explored in this week’s class meeting, and try to show/model what this might look like – for you – in education, for learning and participation. Try to keep under 500 words (focus, write well please, formal genre).