Production 2

Production 2 (Toronto Cohort Only!) (Kenya Cohort > please focus on our next readings for week 3)

SLIDE DECK.EDUC 5855 2020 Class 3

For this production, we are continuing our inquiry into technology – and the ecological impacts of a new technology – in educational contexts. On the wiki, you will find a list of technology terms (taken from the slide below). Your job is to do some critical inquiry (research) and to determine how the technology re/shaped social and organizational relations in schools (and outside of schools, too, if applicable. Please address the simple questions briefly:

1) When was your technology/media tool invented?
2) When was it first used in education (and how)?

The substance on of wiki essay or analysis should focus on”

3)  How did the technology/media tool (re)reshape educational practice and teaching/learning – or transform literacy learning and/or social-institutional-classroom organization? (Changing roles in classrooms, changing positions of authority, power relations, modes of exclusion or inclusion, ideology and modes of social action or creativity?
4) If possible, try to connect your analysis to the literacy paradigms (de Castell & Luke, or Multiliteracies).

You may need to SPECULATE on issues relating to #3 above! Use the readings and our discussion in class, too, as the readings also discuss technology and ecological change in similar ways.

Have fun! Here is the SLIDE DECK.EDUC 5855 2020 Class 3