ReMap: M-Learning & Multimodal Production Pedagogies

Re/Map: M-Learning, Multimodal Modes of Inquiry, and Production Pedagogies

For this production, I am asking you to develop and ‘do’ the concepts and creative M-learning practices discussed in class this week. You already defined and ‘modelled-out’ some of the expectations, techniques and methods for yourselves in class, so I am letting you take it from here, in terms of the multimodal modes of material/digital inquiry and creative expression.

To refresh, I asked you to develop – and you already sketched out collectively – your own M-learning ‘production pedagogy’ project 1) that explores community (e.g., where you teach or live, an urban space/place of interest/value to you) 2) that requires on-the-ground modes of multimodal inquiry and data collection (using apps/tools on your mobile device, as well as the Re/Map tool ) 3) and that requires at least some cursory research (on toponyms, landmarks, monuments, the social history of place/community).

You get to decide the final (culminating) form this production will take (e.g., how you integrate ‘data’, images, video-work, photographs – your own or archival – and map screenshots, etc, into your final document) to retell your own story of place, community, and ‘city-text’, your counter-narrative, or critical re/mix: using ‘juxtaposition’ techniques that enable critical reflection, bring contrasts/tensions into visible relief.

To refresh, I have included the slide deck from yesterday’s class (models, prompts, questions to consider).
Re-MAP M-learning 2018 PDF

Re/Map Tool: If you decide to use the the Re-Map tool, this M-Learning app allows you to mark up your map (you will need to create a key for your mark-ups) and take screen shots so you can integrate the Map into other documents (e.g., post within a webpage, an iBook, a video document, a comiclife graphic narrative).

Note: When you ‘save’ a map, you are not saving the document map, only saving your mark-ups so when you move your map, the mark-up “sticks” to the streets/places you have marked up).

Due: Nov 8.