Production 4

Video Making: Connecting inquiry and making to social action.
Connecting open-ended, inquiry-driven learning with video production (across genres and forms).

Two Options (Pick 1)

Option 1: Write a critical essay – addressing and extending at least one of the prompts below. Use key quotes from the reading/s to support your arguments. Feel free to connect the discussion to your own experience and try to (recursively) connect back to other readings in this course (or beyond).

  • How do the authors interweave inquiry-driven learning and learning outcomes to video production (the process of ‘analysis and production)? How does the reading address the ‘paradox’ of teaching ‘curriculum outcomes’ (Common Core Standards; EQAO) and open-ended inquiry and production-based learning? How can educators create conditions for students to enact and/or even exceed the ‘standards’?
  • What is ‘embodied inquiry’ (Doerr-Stevens)? What literacies and competences are enacted through the process of embodied inquiry and making? And what do the authors mean by ‘messiness’ – and what are the opportunities and possible impacts of the process (described) for deeper/interdisciplinary learning?
  • How might video production (in)directly address pressing issues and concerns about ‘critical media literacies’ today?
  • Doerr-Steven challenges ‘students to step out of their comfort zones both in terms of…how they research and represent their work’. What modes of inquiry are modeled? What roles do students take during the process?
  • What is ‘situated learning’ (Young, 2011; Cope and Kalentzis / New London Group)? What theory frames or theory lenses does Young mobilize (in the reading and the video)? Explore connections between the readings and multiliteracies article – in relation to addressing widespread concerns about student disengagement in schools today?

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Option 2 Make More Movies (Using the Ideation Card Deck)

This option given you another opportunity to engage video making on your own! I have attached the card decks (Genres / Methods & Themes; Technique Cards). Using the same basic set of game rules (image below), use the card deck to create your own short video work.

If you select this option, post the video on youtube or vimeo (note there is a ‘link-only’ privacy option, if you do not want to make your video fully public.

Write a short meta-reflection that examines what and how you learned through process, use of ideation deck (methods and techniques considered, etc) and (briefly) note if/how the experience articulated any ideas from the readings / course themes?

ideation deck movies

video technique cards