Production 4: Get Meta

Reflecting on the Design and Making Process

Based on the game design game (in class), reflect on what and how you learned through the process of design, what the experience felt like (affect).  What ‘literacies’ were engaged, what concepts and ideas and practical knowledge were enacted (incidentally or explicitly) through the process of prototyping, fabrication and play-testing?

Next, can you make any connections back to the previous readings on games, learning, and play (Nolan & McBride; Thumlert, de Castell, Jenson) – or any experience of “play” (paidia) itself that may have arisen through the process of game-making and learning (see page 100-104 in Fullerton, too)?

Now, make connections forward/back as you read Huizinga and Caillois (foundational texts on games and play) – and take reading notes, mind map, annotate, and consolidate ideas as you engage and reflect upon the readings for next week.

Starting thinking about your digital game from here on out…

Productions & Projects