Production 1

TripleMushroomsMKC Production #1 /  Website Power Up                 

Part A: Set-up your Website/Digital Portfolio: Set up website (using a free website-maker like WordPress, Wix, or Weebly). You will use this site as a course portfolio for creative work and reflection essays.

If you have questions, seek out the plentiful online support resources and support communities/tutorials (or email me)!

  • Carefully select design template to showcase work
  • Consider aesthetic and multimodal design elements (e.g., personalize with images, own design, etc.)
  • Set up a resource page to curate links, media tools, additional articles, and resources.

Part B: Power-Up Story: Using Narrative Inquiry to Reflect on Learning, Play and Games

Using narrative inquiry (as method), explore  a significant learning ‘power-up’ in your history as a learner (and that does not necessarily mean ‘student’) where the experience of play, ‘flow’ and/or games were elemental to the learning, making or doing… 

By ‘power-up’, I refer to any  experience where significant learning (as (inter)action, event or creative process) was interwoven with an experience of ‘play’ and/or ‘flow‘ (see Csíkszentmihályi). This can be an experience linked to game play (and learning through game play) or it can simply be an experience where learning and play were interwoven (…independent of game setting or digital contexts). 


  • What and why did you learn, make, inquire, create or do? In what ‘role’ or social context (out of school? community/cultural context? personal aims and purposes)?
  • What tools, media or technologies used? (technology in the broadest sense of the word, not necessarily digital)?
  • What possible ‘lessons’ does your story signal about learning and play, games, and/or (critical) literacies? How was the learning event an energetic ‘power-up’ for you – or a relay to ‘leveling up’?

Power-Up Narrative (400 Words Range) / Always write well.

Due by Start of Next Class (2)

2. Send Link: Once you have set up your site, send me an email – – with a link to your website.