Production 7

This production is to get you familiar and functioning the Twine 2.0 environment. For this production, create a working Twine artefact that has the following features and elements (you need not tell a story or create a game, unless it is very short and emerges organically out of experimentation and play; or you can create something that will be used later in your own final project). However, this is primarily a technical endeavour, requiring you to:

  • Explore. Click on things.
  • Add text (interact with the toolbar…or use HTML to mark up text (bold, italic, or add text effects, etc). Take a look at this site for future reference / inquiry:
  • Create a passage with branching links to other passages.
  • Add an image or photo to a passage.
  • One background image or animated .gif tagged to a specific passage (see CSS / Edit Story Sheet). Make sure the size/quality of the image is adequate to background dimensions.
  • One background colour tagged to another specific passage (see CSS / Edit Story Sheet).
  • Use of a ‘hook’ (click:), (replace:)etc.
  • Go to the Twine wiki ( or any other Twine community resources and do one thing not on the list above.
  • Save and download HTML file and send to me (email).

If you wish, visit my start up page. Note: If you cut and past code snippets from my page into Twine, you will need to ensure that cut and paste operations do not mess up the code (e.g., “quotes” may need to be re-written in Twine).

Twine 2.0 Quick Start