Production 1

TripleMushroomsMKC Production #1 /  Website Power Up                 

Part A: Set-up your Website/Digital Portfolio: Set up website (using a free website-maker like WordPress, Wix, or Weebly). You will use this site as a course portfolio for creative work and reflection essays.

If you have questions, seek out the plentiful online support resources and support communities/tutorials (or email me)!

  •  Select design template to showcase work.
  • Consider aesthetic and multimodal design elements (e.g., personalize with images, own design, etc.)
  • Set up a resource page to curate links, media tools, additional articles, and resources.

Part B: The Definition of Game

Once you have your site up, spend some time playing around with the diverse and sometimes competing defintion of game/s. Pick two or three compelling definitions you find compelling and expand on what interests you about the definition in relation to your own experiences playing (games) or thinking /theorizing about games.

Consider: What are the implications of the ‘definitions’ about the opportunities of games and play? What do these definitions say about the possibilities of games. Any contradictory definitions that reveal interesting tensions about what games ‘are’ or what they can do?

 (400 Words Range)

Due by Start of Next Class (2)

2. Send Link: Once you have set up your site, send me an email – – with a link to your website.