Application 2

In this week’s readings, Kress (2010) provided a formal discussion of multimodality as a ‘domain of inquiry’. In an earlier text by New London Group (1996), Kress et al connect multimodality to theories and practices of learning (multiliteracies).

Part 1: Identify a key quotation from this week’s reading (from the ‘What’ or ‘How’ sections) that is significant – a big idea or important critique – to the text as a whole. Write down the quote and explain and/or develop in your own words (no more than 5-7 sentences).

Part 2: Building upon part 1 above, and our class discussions this week, your job is to revisit the text and write a critical reflection (essay) that addresses and evaluates important issues and critiques and then clarifies key features of the what and how of multiliteracies, i.e., how multimodality is understood in relation to a multiliteracies perspective; in relation to design and re/design; to new roles for teachers/students or new ways of thinking about meaning-making and (what counts as) knoweldge and learning today (situated practice, critical framing, and so on). Feel free to integrate other quotes of interest to you to develop or extend arguments, or provide critiques.

Then provide a concluding paragraph on why these these ideas and models might matter today in transforming education (based on their rationales in the ‘Why’ sections, or your own interests and concerns) and/or explore if and how this ‘old’ text from the 1990s is still relevant or useful today.

I’m looking for some depth and evidence of close reading in your critical analysis. Be specific, provide evidence or key quotes from the text. Around 500 words (not including quotes, which you are free to integrate, as well as images, etc, if useful).