Application 5

Multimodality & Graphic Novels/Texts

Select Option #1 or #2

Option 1)  Pluralingual/Multimodal Texts: Putting Multimodality to Work and Play

Based on the article and talk by Dr. Prasad, create a Graphic Novel style text that explores and develops a key idea or themes from the reading surrounding language(s), culture, identity, diversity/difference, place, multimodality and/or multiliteracies. Your graphic text can tell a story of your own experiences (in our outside of formal learning environments), or you can connect ideas and theory in the text to whatever genre you wish. Your text can also, of course, enact aspects of pluralingual expression (or you can create a dual-language text, etc).

Integrate at least one key quote from the reading into the project to develop or illuminate some aspect of your story or argument.

And have fun playing with the media tool, coming up with interesting and innovative ways to present knowledge and/or tell a story using the ideas from the text while reflecting on the opporunities of creating multimodally using the tool.

If your first language is not English, this is an opportunity for you to mobilize your first language – in conjunction with images, graphics, curated and original photos.

You may if you wish explore your own experiences, stories, past/present struggles or challenges, and histories navigating language, identity and culture within or beyond Canada.

Option 2 Invitation to ‘Multimodal Practice’

Use this opportunity to start building ideas, frameworks and practices for the final project. Using the graphic text making software, address some of the (relevant) questions below using ComicLife to multimodally communicate (or narrate) your project plans*.

  • What multimodal practice do you want to engage? And why? That is, why are you interested in the particular learning challenge – and how might the learning benefit you personally and/or professionally? Why does it matter to you?
  • Is there a personal (back)story that explains or contextualizes your interest? Or what is it about the practice or challenge that fascinates you (in relation to your own previous experiences, or in relation to art, culture, identity, creativity, place, technology, history, etc…)?
  • What media tools or materials do you wish to engage or need to learn?
  • What multimodal resources or people will you learn with or from (e.g., can you be apprenticed by someone you know? or through video works? and/or other media and online ‘communities of practice’?
  • How will you document your learning process over time? (including inevitable ‘mess ups’ and failures to learn with and from)?
  • Can you start now, using Comiclife, to document some initial aspects of learning?
  • What will be your culminating artefact/s (tentatively speaking)?

Note: For some of you, option 1 and option 2 may over-lap, and that is fine.

* Plans are inevitably altered and modulated through the very process and activities of practice and learning, so realize that you will likely end up at a different place than anticipated (and that is fine).

Expectations for Options 1 and 2

  • Three-to-Four Page Story (Graphic Text).¬†Export to PDF and upload to website or email to me. Use ComicLife (for Mac and PC/Windows).
  • As you create, reflect on and put into action (design) semiotic elements and modal affordances as you create your multimodal ensembles, as well as considerations like genre, layout, font, remix, etc…)

Use ComicLife  and do please avoid creating a generic cartoon comic ‘strip’ (e.g., for small children) and, instead, experiment with genre, with remix techniques, original images, curated images, design options, filters).