Application 1

Create your Multimodal Portfolio/Website (w/ Multimodal Introduction)

1. Set-up your Website/Digital Portfolio: Set up Website (using a free website-maker like WordPress or Weebly.).

As you will eventually be posting all of your course applications to your website, please consider design/aesthetics and usability, and take some care in selecting your template, setting up the site, etc, to provide the best frame for posting and sharing your work…

Also, please create your own resource/sharing  page for media/apps you find.


2. Send Link: Once you have set up your site and completed/posted your introduction, please send me an email - – with a link to your website. For all assignments please ALERT ME (via email) when you have posted completed work. I can then provide feedback.

4. Create Login/Password for Course Website (Once you register, I will need to activate your account)