Application 6

For this application, you will need to begin (or continue) documenting your practice for your final project using multimodal compositional tools – in this case video (editing) tools and/or screen-capture media.

The previous application invited you to begin documenting practice (and telling your story) with Comiclife. While Comiclife supports graphic novel conventions – some of which draw on spatial, cinematic and/or ‘kineikonic’ modes – the affordances of the tool do not allow the capture of movement, embodied/moving gesture, sound, music, and other temporal aspects of multimodality. Comiclife supports the ‘transduction’ of such experiences (e.g., using different kinds of speech bubbles, fonts, etc., as well as visual conventions like “point of view”, perspective, ‘camera’ angles, and so on).

For this application, your job is to document some facet of hands-on practice related to your final project. Expectations are provided below (but may vary on the type of practice involved – be it on screens or in physical environments with materials and other tools).

  • Consider the multimodal affordances of the various tools you are using.
  • Consider angle, light, camera position and contexts of environment (e.g., in physical spaces) or software/virtual spaces.
  • Your video should include 1) voice over 2) music (optional) 3) editing (do not just post a long video shot from your smartphone: edit and consider the affordances of your tools for framing video clips and images; slowing or speeding up footage and text 4) some use of text (but only to the extent text functions are useful for your video documentation).
  • Length of video: For this particular project (a ‘snapshot’), your video clip should not exceed 5 minutes.
  • Do not use ‘templates’ (e.g. trailer templates, news templates, etc on iMovie).

Tools: I use iMovie. For some of you, iMovie may be too constraining. For me, it provides a clean environment for learning (my tastes). Allessandra recommended Davinci Reslove ( as a free cross-platform option (I have downloaded that one on my son’s PC and while I had to surf the web solving a video card problem, we have it up and running and it looks like a very viable option with more utilities than iMovie). PCs with Windows have a video editor in Photo (depending on which version of Windows).