Application 6

Create a Twine (2.0) / Twine 2.0 Tutorial Quick Start

Twine is an easy-to-use tool for creating interactive, non-linear narratives/simulations (multimodal stories, poetry, essays, visual novels, simulation games, empathy games, and so on) as well as interactive narrative games (adventures, role-playing games, etc.), not to mention interactive video and documentary film projects. Some people create very fun digital stories (literary works) and meta-games (games that explore the conventions of game play and game design).

Twine, as a Web 2.0 pedagogical tool, enables students to design complex digital narratives/research presentations and can be shared beyond the classroom.

This is an open-ended creative production asks you to design and develop a Twine (of any genre, including narrative games and interactive audio-visual fictions and ‘branching’ poems or simulation models for experiential learning).

You may also develop ideas from the class session yesterday: e.g., a historical simulation/narrative; a speculative historical fiction; alternative reality (counter-factual history) etc etc…

Your twine should include at least some multimodal elements (interactive text, images, animated gifs, background images, and audio clips/sound/music).

Official TWINE FAQ Page

Twine 2.0 Tutorial Quick Start Page

Slide DECK: games_3770_Twine_Fall_2019

CSS twine-guide_css

Google Twine 2.0 Tutorials if you get stuck! Tons of videos out there…

Also, to PUBLISH and share you twine (via google drive, dropbox, or from your website), you simply hit the publish button and all your passages, CSS, Java, and meta-data will be saved to a single HTML file. See image below:

how to publish as HTML File

Have fun!