Application 5

  • Final Group Project Proposal – Due October 24th (Video Work) 5%

In the video proposal you must address the following three points. As you create you proposal, also consider experimenting with video making as you create this (video yourselves speaking/interview; use voice-over on slides or images; ‘play’ with the editor (add text, audio/music, transitions and dissolve effects). However, this production will be only marked for content of the proposal.

Videos should be about 3 to 4 minutes and no longer than 5!

1) What creative challenge will you present to yourselves? What will you make and do? What inquiry questions or issues or creative goals are you addressing through this project (with a brief rationale why this project matters to you).

2) What media will you will use to produce your project? What media tools will you use or integrate? What modes of inquiry (resources? interviews? documenting procedures and practices, etc.)? While the course theme this year is video production and digital storytelling, you are not restricted to making a stand-alone video (we will discuss options in class).

3) Production Plan: Brief sketch or script indicating how you will get this project done (brief group action-plan, next steps, individual contributions to the project, a work schedule/timeline for completion).

The due date for the proposal is October 24th to allow you time to engage with a range of new media tools and digital technologies. However, your group can complete and submit the proposal earlier. Please email me with your completed proposal when it is complete. Examples will be provided early on in the course. See description of final group project below (#5).