Application 2

Production 2: Critical Reflection: Critical Digital Literacies and Negotiating ‘The Challenges’

From Theory to Action… 

In both readings this week, the authors address contemporary gaps and challenges with translating ’21st century competences’ and digital learning frameworks to action and practice in meaningful ways (that creatively integrate technology, new pedagogies, content-knowledge [creation] and critical [digital] literacies). As the authors in the first article state:

‘Few of the frameworks provide detailed descriptions, or clearly elaborated curriculum standards. Similarly few include descriptions of what the curriculum experienced by learners will actually resemble if the broader aims of these frameworks are to be realized’

For this written essay (though feel free to use images, graphics, etc, to both show and tell), choose one of the readings and explore what and how you might address these gaps or challenges (see if you can ‘realize’ an example). Try to think a bit beyond your “teachable” toward an interdisciplinary modelling of what technology-enhanced (critical) learning might look like, for you, in you classroom (or beyond…).

1) ) first select at least two key quotes and ideas from the article you choose to frame your discussion and way forward. Unpack your quotes and discuss why they and significant and..

2) …then explore how you might envision and translate ideas and recommendations in the text to concrete pedagogical action (that integrates technology, content/creation, pedagogy and critical literacies in dynamic ways, for deeper learning).

See TPAK/Deep Learning Slides Below

500-600 Words.