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Critically Reading Texts (Beyond ISTE Standards)

  • Social: How do texts, textual meanings and discourses connect the persons they involve and mediate identity, social relations with others, and/or social role-taking or possible agency?
  • Representational: How are events, objects, people, relationships, etc, represented? How are events and situations scripted or storied? How are social roles & identities defined/represented or negotiated?
  • Intertextual: How does the text fit into the larger world of meaning? How can it be seen as a ‘node within a network’, in endless relationship with other texts?
  • Ideological: Whose interests do the text directly or implicitly serve? How are meanings arranged to support or position (or render invisible) particular interests or points of view (intentionally or unintentionally)? How are social constructions (states of affairs) made to appear natural, consensual, common sense, ordinary, normal?

SAMR: We will be doing M through R.

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